Cunetto Creative Team
July 20, 2018

Lessons on CMS sites from a startup.

We try our damndest to avoid delivering websites with no CMS function for our clients. Even if the client relies on us to manage their website in the present, this might not always be the case. Should they need to stop using us for web management for budget concerns, then they're left with a website they can't manage themselves. That would be a terrible product for the client, so we won't build for that possibility.

Document eSignature startup HelloSign has a great write-up of their process moving to a CMS (using our favorite website backend platform Webflow) that even we learned a thing or two from.

Even though at times the project seemed painful, at the end of the day our website and company are both now more agile and efficient. The CMS has taken the busywork away from our Product team and placed the Marketing team in the driver’s seat where we can now spend our time optimizing pages with useful and relevant content and CTAs for maximum lead conversions as well as adding, editing, and updating webpages as needed.

Check it out here.

Image courtesy HelloSign.