Slow Down

Cunetto Creative Team
January 1, 2018

Deep focus can produce better work and reduce stress.

Good creative (ideation and execution alike) requires deep focus. In this day and age, it is difficult to stay on task with a constant barrage of distractions from screens in front of us, on our wrists, and in our pockets.

James Hewitt at Huffington Post UK breaks it down: 

We could all benefit from considering how we are distributing our cognitive load. In particular, what we are paying attention to and where we are investing our energy and time. If we learn from our findings, the effect on our wellbeing and performance could be exponential.

Are you thinking about how you think? Just as we strive to structure our projects in a way that is efficient and sustainable, we should also do with our day to day habits! 

Learn more at the full article, here.