"Make it different."

Out of the box branding for an imaginative startup

Little Unicorns

We created a logo and guided brand development for a boutique digital agency who wanted to redefine how their clients thought of the products they made together.

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Identity and Brand Elements
Little Unicorns
Showcase the ethos

Little Unicorns came to us with one goal: design brand elements as exciting and engaging as their work philosophy. They needed an identity for their agency and knew how their business approach would stand out from the crowd. They wanted their brand to follow suit. From their website:

We really do believe in unicorns. And we catch them for clients. We combine excellence, elegance, and imagination to uncover stories that have not been told before. Catching unicorns is hard work, and that’s why we’re in business.

We wanted to create a logo that communicated their singular approach to business, imbued with a sense of adventure and mystery. Little Unicorns had a lot of great material for us to absorb before we got started, and a clear tonal vision for the brand. We went through the entire process together, from mood-boards to finals, constantly collaborating and refining the vision of the brand. The end result are some magnificent brand assets that brought their vision to life.


The most important piece - Little Unicorns' logo was designed to invoke the mystery, energy, and protective danger of their namesake creature. We took inspiration from two distinct areas - primitive markings and early punk rock poster and zine culture. Together those callbacks evoke the vibrant, ground breaking energy and vitality the agency sought to embody.


In addition to their logo, the client asked us to develop visuals for their "stable." Consisting of archetype personas, the stable of unicorns is presented on their site as an easter egg.


A consistent concern throughout our process together was the possibility of coming off childish or insincere. We alleviated this concern by suggesting to further contextualize the brand experience online with video. The end result lends enchanting mystery to their home-page, the perfect background on which to state their value proposition as a business.

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